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Windows 7 Compatible
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Computer Time Limiter
Windows Compatibility
Computer Time Limiter is compatible with Windows 7 and XP. On Windows 7 the CTL management application has to be started with administrator privileges (Right-click > Run as administrator). We're working on this issue.
On Windows 10 the application has more issues. Like in Windows 7 the CTL management application has to be started with administrator privileges. But on Windows 10 not all warning messages to the user that is (almost) out of time are shown properly. We are working on these issues too.
What is Computer Time Limiter?
Computer Time Limiter (CTL) is parental control software* that imposes limits on computer time usage. It allows you to manage and control how long and when your children are using the computer. Computer Time Limiter is small and light, up and running in minutes and very easy to use.
* Although CTL is targeted as ‘parental control software’ it can also perfectly used to manage and control employees, partner, self-discipline, etc.
  • Installs and controls users in minutes; CTL finds out which users are present on the computer, you only have to indicate which users should be under CTL control and optionally fine tune the default schedule (see the quick setup guide in the CTL help!)
  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use.
  • Almost completely innocuous: unlike most regular parental control software, CTL is small and light and runs quietly in the background.
  • Users that are under control of CTL find only an icon in the system tray that provides information about today's time limit and time usage (other users won't notice CTL is running; neither not visible nor perceivable).
  • A warning dialog appears 10 and 5 minutes before the user's time limit ends. The user is able to suppress this dialog if it is considered too annoying when e.g. playing online games. If suppressed only a small information message above the system tray will shown (and - using the default Windows sound scheme - this notification will be audible).
  • A warning dialog is shown when the user's time limit has reached. The dialog encompasses a visible 30 seconds countdown timer which allows the user to save any unsaved work.
  • Record and share time limits across a (home) network. A lot of families have multiple computers at home today. Concerned that your child is hopping from one computer to another if the daily time limit is reached? CTL offers a solution by recording time usage and maintaining time limits on a central computer. If e.g. Michael's limit is 3 hours and he spent already 2 hours on his own computer, logging on into dad's computer will learn him that he has only 1 hour left today. **
  • Customizable messages for users under control of CTL, e.g. tailored to your own language.
  • Provides the Administrator with a time usage report of the last 7 days per user.
  • Computer Time Limiter doesn't violate the user's privacy; it only reports when the user was active on the computer, not what he or she did.
  • Guaranteed not sensible for manipulation by your children, as long as two basic rules are observed: the installation and management takes place under an Administrator account and your children have a Users account. ***
  • Product lifetime free upgrade policy for registered users!
** Note that managing lime limits and recording time usage on a central computer requires certain prerequisites and some basic computer and network skills. However don't let this discourage you; if the prerequisites are met this is usually fairly easy to setup!
*** Installation and management should take place under an Administrator account in order to install and start a system service and to access certain part of the registry. Your children should use a Users account in order to prevent them manipulating data in the registry that is reserved for Administrators and to prevent them stopping the CTL service and to prevent changing the system clock.
Frequently Asked Questions
Nice but I want additional protection for my children when they're surfing on the Internet!
Then why not start using OpenDNS? OpenDNS (www.opendns.com) is a free service that offers industry-leading web content filtering without the need to install anything on your PC. At Suncross we believe that Computer Time Limiter in combination with OpenDNS is the perfect solution to let your children enjoy the computer and Internet responsibly. And as a parent you have a lightweight and lifetime protection solution which runs in a few minutes!
But I want to know exactly what my daughter was writing on Messenger yesterday, and what my son was typing today on that vague site.
Would you like your parents to know what you where talking about with your friends when you where young? We guess not... So, these privacy violating features will Computer Time Limiter never offer. At Suncross we believe that children deserve some extent of privacy. If you really want these features then you should look into Net Nanny, Safe Eyes or McAfee Parental Controls with their annual $30-$50 subscription fees. And for that fee you get a system hog that slows down your computer to an extent comparable of running Vista on a laptop of the year 2000.
Fair enough, but I want decent protection against viruses, worms and malware when my children are surfing on the Internet.
Then why not start using Microsoft Security Essentials (www.microsoft.com/security_essentials)? It's free for any genuine Windows version and it has proven to be a reliable, secure, small and light internet security solution.
Windows 7 offers parental controls, why should I choose for CTL?
The Windows parental controls only allow setting the time when a user can access the computer, not how long. And it doesn't offer shared limits across a network, time usage reporting, bonus time, etc.
Several competitor software seem to serve the same goal, why should I choose for CTL?
CTL is very easy to install and use; we encourage you to try and compare our competitor software. CTL was designed to be very small and light. CTL has a lifetime free upgrade policy.
More information
Consult the CTL help for an extensive description and more screenshots.
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